Laboratory of Glass & Ceramic Materials

Rostislaw Kaischew Institute of Physical Chemistry


(+359-2)979 2565/2552


-born 1962

-Master of Sciences in Chemical Engineering: Glass and Ceramic Materials, 1986

-University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia

-Ph. D. Degree: Institute of Physical Chemistry, Sofia, 1996-thesis: Building sintered glass-ceramic materials (tutor Prof. I. Gutzow)


-Institute of Physical Chemistry, Sofia Ph.D. student 1989-1992

-Vitroma Ltd, Sofia Vice president 1993-1996

-Glass Factory STIND Ltd, Sofia Engineer 1994-1996

-University of L'Aquila, Italy Postdoctoral Research Associate 1997-2000 (EC Project BRE2-CT94-1018)

-University of L'Aquila, Italy Scientific Consultant and Lector 2001-2007

-Institute of Physical Chemistry, Sofia, Associated Professor 2006-2011

-Institute of Physical Chemistry, Sofia, Professor since 2011

Fields of Specialisation

-synthesis and characterisation of glasses, glass-ceramics and ceramics materials

-waste vitrification

-kinetics of phase formation and sintering in amorphous materials

-theory and application of sinter-crystallisation technology

-formation of induced crystallisation porosity

-Head of the experimental vitrifications of hazardous wastes, realised in the pilot melting furnace in Iglesias (Sardinia-Italy)

-1999 and 2000 (EC Project BRE2-CT94-1018);

-2001 and 2002 (UNIDO courses for environmental protection)

Scientific Activity

-58 publications in refereed international journals

-63 publications in proceedings volumes of international conferences

-6 Bulgarian patents

-5 medals from International Exhibitions

-more than 1500 citations in refereed international journals, h index = 24

-Participant and/or Coordinator of 3 EU and 6 National Scientific Projects

-Scientific referee of mote than 200 articles in about 25 peer review journals

Honours, Awards, Fellowships, Membership of Professional Societies

-The Special Prize of Bulgarian Patent Association 1993

-Member of the Consultative Counsel of Ministry of Environmental and Water-Bulgaria

-Member of ICG (International Commission of Glass), TC05 committee “Waste Vitrification

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